SUG VP Adresses sudents on Student Union Week

We  do not need  magic  to change  the world,  we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already, we have the power to imagine and do better if not best.
Either we work as a team or we are gonna crumble inch by inch, play by play, till we are finished. We may be in a bad trend now, believe me we can stay here and get kicked out of us or we can fight together our way back into the light. We can climb out of the trend together one inch at a time.
It’s Student Union week again, endeavor to avail yourself through the week, there a lot  to learn and gain from the week and together we can make it happen with a colourful look. The programs include :
–  Web design and Graphics  design
–  Skill acquisition on pastry making, detergent and disinfectant making, bead making and a whole lot more.
–  A day with Prof B.I.C. Ijomah on Student Unionism and SUG Financing  to the benefit of the Incumbent  and incoming Student  Union Leaders,  SUG Aspirants  as well as every other student.  Avail yourself and  learn How SUG started, How  and What  SUG Dues are meant  for  and why it was  introduced  and other things  in regards to  SUG UNN.
–  Christmas  Cantata /Carol By Ideal Life Church in Conjunction  with  Student  Union  Leaders
– UNN/SUG Cultural  Day featuring  Coronation and Title Giving. Iwa Ji, Dance presentation  of different  tribes, Dance presentation  of Nkpokiti Dance group of  Umunze and so many  fun cultural  activities.
–  Student  Trade Fair by Hult Prize Group  in conjunction  with SUG Treasurer.
–  UNN/SUG Bon fire night  featuring  dancing competition,  sack race egg race,  eating  and drinking  competition  by different  Hostels and other fun activities.
–  UNN/SUG Thanksgiving  at St.  Peter’s  Chaplaincy.
–  N/B Each day of the week is lecture  free from 12 and Lecture  free day on Friday  for The Cultural  day.  All the weekly  activities  takes place  at UBA Hall of  FAME and freedom  square  for the Cultural  day  and Bon fire night.
IMG-20171204-WA0031 IMG-20171204-WA0032
Chukwu  Janesfrances.
SUG Vice-President

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