Just Worship 2017

(JW S​eason6) Just Worship 2017, an annual interdenominational pure worship gathering hosted by Shepherd Hill Baptist Church located in Obanokoro , Lagos , Nigeria . This worship starts from 10:00 pm all through 5:00 am . Here Christians come together from several denominations to Worship the almighty God. Worship the Lord o Isreal for the Lord our God is one .

It gives me great pleasure gentlemen of the press to welcome you to this briefing. Thanks for sparing time out of your tight schedule to make it here. May the Lord bless the work of your hands and increase you greatly. Once again, welcome media partners.
The vision of gathering believers for a session of PURE WORSHIP was birthed in 2008. I was in Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia for a Ministerial Training when God gave me the inspiration. It was so vivid and clear that I could not deny it was God. The vision was to hold a 7-HOUR NIGHT where Christians do nothing but WORSHIP. That informed the tag “JUST WORSHIP “ to define the vision.
Though I had no doubt God was inspiring me to organise the session, I must confess I brushed off the vision for years. I was overwhelmed by the financial implications of holding such a massive session. But in July 2012, God reminded me the vision again. I was again away in the United Kingdom on a 2-week vacation when God spoke through Rev.Dr. Bukki Oyewale, the Senior Pastor of Pentecost Baptist Church, Liverpool. The word of knowledge was so concise that I could no longer dilly-dally.
I suddenly became imbued with confidence to purse the vision. And since it originated from God, He provided more than we required for the first edition of the session in 2012. It was held on the 23rd of November 2012 with the theme “AWESOME GOD.” It was indeed Awesome and testimonies continue to increase on the lips of the over 3,500 worshippers that gathered that night.
On November 22nd 2013, over 4,300 gathered with the theme “GLORIOUS GOD” while on November 21, 2014, over 5,000 worshippers gathered under the theme “MAJESTY.” in 2015, the theme of JW4 which was held on November 20 was “NO HIGHER CALLING” as multitudes bowed at the feet of Jehovah. At JW5 (JUST WORSHIP 2016) which was held on November 18, about 6,000 believers gathered under the theme “MIRACULOUS.” No doubt, the attendance keeps increasing year by year to the glory and praise of the Almighty.
Over the years, God raised a team of partners that supported the vision with resources. Some of the gospel ministers that have ministered at JUST WORSHIP in the past are Chucks Chidube (This Kind God), Lara George, Evangelist Dupe Olulana, Pastor Phil and Lola Adika, (Praise and Joy), Bro
Michael Fashina (ERUJEJE), Steve Crown, Olumide Sobowale, Gloreyan Buraimoh, Gloria Noren, Frank Edward, Nathaniel Bassey, Wale Ayeni, Omotola Sax, Oluwabunmi Akinola, The Levites, Faith Halliday, The Indian Christian Congregation, Pastor Gbenga Akande, The Proclaimers, Sax Angel and The Generation of David, Funmi Sax Olu Joshua, Tunde Sax, Shepherd’s Voice International, Yabatech BSF to mention just a few. I am glad to announce that the vision has gathered more steams and will continue this year.
It’s a new dawn for Nigeria. We are all familiar with the challenges of life. We have had our fair share of them. As Nigerians, we know our country is going through hard times. We have cried. We have criticised. We have postulated and pontificated. We have blamed everybody possible for being the problems with Nigeria. We have fasted and prayed. We have held convocations to plead with God to transform our country full of potentials and resources. But we have not done only one thing: WORSHIP. There comes a time in a person or nation’s life when everything seems to be at a standstill. A time when the whole world seems arrayed against one. A time when nothing else works.
The Israelites found themselves in such situations at different times. God’s antidote was always something strange and seemingly senseless. Faced with the fortified walls of Jericho, God told His people to dance and sing around the city. It was the craziest thing to do at that time.
Strategists would question the rationale behind such absurd move. But the battles of life are not on with sophisticated weapons or strategic planning. It takes only divine inspired steps to move forward. The Israelites obeyed and God moved on their behalf. That is the same thing Nigeria
should try. Genuine Worship is a pathway to victory.
We have been so engrossed and pained by our personal and national challenges that we have forgotten the biggest desire of God. It’s time to change gear. Someone says it is pure insanity to continue doing the same thing and expect different results. Since everything else seems not to be working, it is time to give WORSHIP a try. We surely need a NEW ATTITUDE to attain our very much desired NEW ALTITUDE.
It’s time to forget about our national woes, personal challenges and collective drawbacks to WORSHIP God. It’s time to stop nagging and start WORSHIPPING. It’s time for SPIRITUAL SOAKING through JUST WORSHIP. It’s time for PURE SOAKING in the HOLY SPIRIT
through PURE WORSHIP. It’s time to stop whining and start Winning through PURE WORSHIP. It’s time to step aside and invoke God to take His place. It’s time to get lost in God’s presence to be rescued. It’s time to enter His presence with praises and thanks and experience the victory.
I see a new dawn for Nigeria. I see a new country full of righteousness and fruitfulness. I see Nigerians becoming all that God destined them to be. I see corruption becoming history and bloodletting confined to the dustbins of history. I see godly leaders full of integrity and goodwill at all levels in the country. I see the problems of today becoming the testimonies of tomorrow in Nigeria. I see God taking His place across the nation.
I see hope. I see development. I see poverty giving way to prosperity. I see greatness and fruitfulness. I see a Nigeria of our dream emerging. I see us activating the hands of God in this nation. I see a nation that will become the envy of the international community. How can we get there? Through PURE WORSHIP. Let’s us all come together to birth a new Nigeria.
So, on Friday 17th November, no fewer than 10,000 believers from different churches and organisations will converge. This is no time for prayers or intercessions. There won’t be one of the numerous talk shops we have been having all over our pulpits. But our total attention will be on God alone. We shall dispose of our problems and challenges; we shall forget who we are and hang on only to God. We shall do nothing but PURE WORSHIP from 10pm-5am. The theme for this year’s worship is “VICTORIOUS ” As we worship Him, He will make us victorious.
I must state that this is not a concert or musical show. It is not a prayer assembly or religious convocation. It is a serious spiritual exercise. We shall invade the Heavens with WORSHIP. We shall rend the Heavens with praises. We shall invoke God through WORSHIP. We shall activate His presence via PURE WORSHIP.
And as we WORSHIP His Majesty, He shall show up on our behalf. We shall experience Him like never before. He will consume our battles and melt the enemies before us. He shall show up over our situations and cases. To usher us into God’s presence this year are WORSHIP ministers like Sammie Okposo, Onos Ariyo, Dupe Olulana, Indian Christian Congregation, Praise & Joy, BishopSax, Samdejaay, Bola Dada ( Kakaki Jesu), Shepherd’s Voice International, Yabatech BSF and many more.
It promises to be a swell time in God’s presence. The venue is the New Ultramodern Auditorium of Shepherdhill Baptist Church, Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos. I am convinced that God will pour His Spirit upon all the participants. May I request your partnership by using your reputable media platform to publicise the event. I also gladly invite you to feel welcome to join us for the WORSHIP session. You will be glad you did.
Once again thanks for coming and the Lord bless you.
Rev (Dr.) Israel Kristilere.

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