How to Have a Long Lasting Relationship  

Funyinoluwa Kash
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ON DECEMBER 12, 2017

Real love Love that lasts
Are you in need of a serious relationship or ready to take your current relation to the next level and don’t know how to go about it ? If yes then you have come to the right place.

Just look up at that picture and think how long that couple must have sustained that relationship. Long term relationships are are grown when you make each other feel perfect despite the flaws that each person has. I know this would sound strange but when you meet the person that you are willing to spend your life with , do not attract the person with your best traits but rather expose all your flaws to the person , now don’t get me wrong am not saying to show your flaws in a manner to drive the person away but let the person know that you have these imperfections in you .When the person accepts you for who you are irrespective of those imperfections then you know that you have found the person that you are hundred percent compatible with .The inability to see this is what makes relationships that start off well to end in disaster .Something that also makes you know the right person for you is that when you are far apart you feel like you have lost a part of you just like in the in the song “Let her go” by Passenger , he said “you only know your lover when you let her go”.

Am sure that this would work well for you given that it is done with the right strategy, with the right person

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