I congratulate all graduants from the post graduate program of the university  of Ibadan . You must all feel really happy but there is still somethings that need to be cleared up first

Congratulations on the successful completion of your Postgraduate programmes at the University of Ibadan.

 The following information is important to all graduands:

  1.  You are expected to pay Convocation Dues and present evidences of same.  These include:
  2.  a sum of three thousand naira (N3,000) to be paid into the  Sundry Account of the Postgraduate School (generate invoice online @ www.pgschool.ui.edu.ng) in respect of Research Frontier.
  3.  a sum of five hundred naira cash (refundable deposit) at Academic gown collection points.

 iii.  thereafter, present the Postgraduate School financial clearance reflecting the payment for convocation dues or pay the sum of five thousand naira (N5,000) at the university cash office.

  1.  Present receipt of Alumni dues (N1,000)
  2.  All graduands MUST pay all these levies: Graduation levy, Research frontier and UIAA membership levy whether they purchase academic outfit or not.  Certificates shall not be released until all the levies have been paid and hired academic outfits returned in good condition.
  3.  Personal academic gown for keep, is available for sale to Ph.D. graduands only at the rate of N20,000.  It can be purchased in Room A19 Postgraduate School between 9am – 2pm daily from now.
  4.  Graduands are expected to be properly robed before they proceed to the International Conference Centre venue of the 2016 Graduation Ceremony on 15 November, (PGD, Masters, M.P.H., M.Phil. for Faculties of Arts, Institute of African Studies, CEPACS, Science, ARCIS, Basic Medical Sciences, Dentistry, Public Health & Law), 16 November, (PGD, Masters, M.Phil. for Faculties of Agric. & Forestry, The Social Sciences, CESDEV, Education, Institute of Education, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Technology & CEPEEL) and 17 November (Doctor of Philosophy) 2016 and must be seated not later than 8:45am each day.
  5.  Postgraduate graduands should wear the tassels of their caps to the left throughout the ceremonies.
  6.  Taking of photographs or unauthorized movement inside Graduation Hall will not be allowed.  Neither will lateness into the hall be tolerated.
  7.  Graduands should return hired academic outfits not later than 24hours after the ceremony (i.e. Wednesday & Thursday for Masters & PGD category depending on convocation day & Friday for Ph.D.) and collect their refundable deposit before 4:00p.m.
  8.  Graduands who fail to submit their academic outfits 24hours after the ceremony shall pay a surcharge of N500 per working day after the stated deadlines.

PLEASE NOTE: Further information on Convocation requirements stated in the University bulletin is equally binding on ALL postgraduate graduands.  Maintenance of order among the graduands before and during the ceremony is important.

Deputy Registrar/Secretary

Postgraduate School

 07 November, 2016

 Kindly note that exemption from writing the test of proficiency in English Language (TPE) is now handled via the exemption portal. Please check on the link exemption portal to complete your exemption request in respect of TPE for 2016/17  session.


Disclaimer: It has been brought to our notice that some unscrupulous individuals are sending mails to applicants to pay via a seeming PG payment portal in order to get their Debit/Credit card details and defraud them. Please be warned that besides paying at the banks, all online payments to the PG school are on http://pgschool.ui.edu.ng only. We do not recognize any other. Do not allow yourselves to be defrauded.

All interested candidates are therefore advised to apply through our admissions portal :

All applicants are to apply through this admissions portal ONLY.
BEWARE of FRAUDULENT people. The Postgraduate School, University of Ibadan, has NO authorized AGENT anywhere
Kindly inform your friends, and other individuals who may be interested.
Thank you
Postgraduate School, UI

To get updates on the postgraduate program please input your info for notifications via e-mail .

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